SQL Drill Excel Add-in

Making it easy to use SQL from Excel


If you have Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or later and Microsoft® Excel® 2000 or later, you should be able to install the Add-in easily. You will need to run the installation package to install the add-in so if you don't have an admin account you will need to ask an admin to install it for you.

The add-in does use some components though that are present on standard windows builds and they are noted below. Before downloading, please make sure you can comply with the installation prequisites.

Note on Installation Prequisites, the Installation Package does not install the Microsoft® Data Access Component (MDAC) or the Microsoft® XML Parser (MXSML) - both of these are necessary for the add-in to function. This is deliberate as the installation package has been kept simple. It is important too as this way if you want to Uninstall - you dont need to worry about it and can just use the control panel to remove the add-in. If these components had partially been included Uninstalling would have been a little bit messier.. In any care, most relatively recent builds (XP or later) will have these components on them already but you need to check this first.

Installation Prerequisites:

  • MDAC 2.5 or more recent. The add-in uses the ADO libraries so you need to have this compnent installed. If you are using Windows 2000, then MDAC 2.5 or greater is already installed. Otherwise, you should check the MDAC version on your machine by running regedit (Start->Run..., enter regedit.exe) and check the "FullInstallVer" value under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DataAccess. It should be 2.50.x or greater. You can download an updated version here, Microsoft Data Access Component
  • MSXML 3.0 MSXML3 or more recent. The MSXML Parser is used in the add-in only to talk to the settings file (Connection_settings.xml) which is in XML format. But it is still needed.. This is a standard Microsoft component and on typical builds, but if you dont have it you can read more about it and download it here - MSXML Parser Download Link.
  • The installation package will run in Windows Installer Version 2 or more recent.
  • You need admin priviliedges on your machine (need to register the add-in file and the various controls).
  • You need 16MB of free space (the add-in does not actually need this much space but I specified this amount as the minimum in the installation package..)

Installation Steps

(1) Close out of all of instances of Microsoft Excel. 

(2) If you have a previous version of SQL Drill (or SQL Excel) - you need to uninstall this first (uninstall by going to Add/Remove programs section in the control panel).

(3) Download the sql_drill_setup.zip file to a temporary folder on your machine.

(4) Extract the contents (SQLDrill.msi) to a temporary folder (you can delete this after the installation).

(5) Run the SQLDrill.msi from your temporary folder location.

(6) Re-open Excel and you should be all set (there will be no database connection configured and you will need to ad one in. To do this, hit the "SQL" button on the toolbar. When the form loads, you can then hit the "New/Edit" button to add in a connection profile.).

(7) Optional but recommended - Excel Security Settings should be set up "Medium" level. On the Excel menu select TOOLS and then select OPTIONS and then go to the "Security" Tab and hit the "Macro Security" button. Then (i) On the "Security Level" tab - set to "Medium" and (ii) on the "Trusted Sources" tab" - "Trust all Installed Add-ins and Templates" and "Trust access to Visual Basic Projects " should both be checked. Setting Excel up like this will get rid of the "Macro Security" warnings when the add-in is loaded.

IF you don't see the SQL Drill toolbar when you are in Excel - you should close out of Excel and manually register the DLL.  There is discussion of this in the forum if you need some more details (http://www.sqldrill.com/excel/forumdisplay.php?f=58)

If you install the add-in, Please help out by providing some feedback. All feedback is welcome.. I didnt include any tracking component or auto emailing in the add-in as I don't like it myself, but the downside to this is that I don't know how smooth things are going. You can use the "Contact Us" page to send back feedback if you don't want to register on the site. Registering just means you can post on the forum. Thanks, Al

You can download SQL Drill by clicking the button below. Please note that you will download the ZIP File (sql_drill_setup.zip) which contains the MSI installation package.

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