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Monday, 09 March 2009 00:00

Hi guys, just copied the version 1.4 zip file up to the download folder (http://www.sqldrill.com/dload/sql_drill_setup.zip) so it is available there for anyone wanting to upgrade.

There were several bug fixes that went through and also several enhancements. The main enhancement was the addition of the settings/options tabs on the "About" form (the form that you can load from the coffe cup button on the toolbar). This is essentially the "options" form now too.  One minor thing to note about this form is that the "connection" tab on the form does not have anything on it yet. In the next version we will have the cache settings there - storing the meta data details of databases locally (to speed up the connection process)

IF you are going to upgrade, its a good idea to

(1) take a copy of your connection_settings.xml file (so you don't have to recreate your connections

(2) Close all instances of Microsoft® Excel®

(3) uninstall the previous version of the add-in from the control panel

(4) Download the zip file to your computer

(4) Unzip the MSI file to a temporary folder

(5) Run the MSI package Installer

(6) Open Excel and make sure all is ok

(7) Assuming everything is fine, you can go back and delete the installer and Zip file (just to keep your machine clean..)

Thanks, Al



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