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SQL Drill Add-in - FAQ
Saturday, 28 March 2009 15:33


The SQL Drill toolbar contains 1 combobox dropdown list and 4 buttons.

The points below explain what the different items on the toolbar do (the toolbar is very easy to use - basically the dropdown and the "SQL" button are the main bits, with the three other buttons on it more informational in nature).

- The first item in the toolbar is the combobox which can be used to select a connection profile. So after you have set up one or more connection profiles (you can do this from the main SQL Drill form), it is possible to select a connection directly from the toolbar and hit the "SQL" button and you will connected to the database and all the available selectable objects will be displayed in the main SQL Drill form.  The default entry in the dropdown box is "SQL Drill Toolbar" and this serves as both a label for the toolbar and also as a way to load the main SQL Drill form without connecting to any database.  So, if you hit the "SQL" button when the default "SQL Drill Toolbar" is selected in the dropdown, the main SQL Drill form will be loaded without connecting to a database (this should be used when you want to set up new or manage existing connection profiles). 

- The "SQL" button is the second item in the toolbar and this will load the main SQL Excel form. As previously explained, if you have "SQL Drill Toolbar" selected in the dropdown and hit the "SQL" button - the main SQL Drill form will load without connecting to any database. If you have selected a connection profile from the dropdown - the "SQL" button will load the main SQL Excel form and also connect to the selected database and display the available selectable objects (on the right hand side of the form you will see the databases tables and views).

- The third item in the toolbar (the earth icon) simplys load the SQL Excel support page in your browser.   This page will shows a list of common questions / anwsers.  If you dont find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact support. You can use the "Contact Us" page. Please use a valid email address so it is possible to reply.  Or you can send a message to al at sqlexcel.net.   Please do this as it is important to find out about any issues that may come up so the application is totally problem free.  

- The fourth item on the toolbar (the binoculars icon) is an application version check.  There is a page available here - http://www.sqldrill.com/ApplicationVersion.html which holds the  current version of the add-in on the server.  The binoculars button just reads this file and sees if your installed version is the same or earlier and gives you the appropriate message letting you know or not whether you should download the updated version.   It is just a simple notification check and nothing automatic takes place. If you decide to upgrade the add-in you need to go to the downloads page and download the newer version and install it manually.

- The fifth item  (the coffe mug) on the toolbar  simply loads the "About Form" for SQL Drill.  You can see the add-in version here and the standard disclaimer.  One thing to note, is that if you hit the "System Information" button the standard windows system information view will load.  This functionality takes a few seconds to load (this slight slowness is due to the amount of time windows takes to overview the system).  Just give it a few seconds and it will load the standard windows system view.

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