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Sunday, 12 April 2009 00:00

Hi and happy Easter !.  just want to post up that there is something funky going on with this installation package. And several people have had to manually register the SQLDrill.dll  (using REGSVR32).  This not specific to the Vista OS so if you install the package and then open Microsoft®  Excel® and have no toolbar - you should close out of Excel and manually register the DLL.  There is discussion of this in the forum if you need some more details (http://www.sqldrill.com/excel/forumdisplay.php?f=58).  Am going to look into this as soon as possible but for now if it happens, easiest fix is to manually register it. One other thing is that if you are using Excel 2007 you may need to manually add the addin in (add as COM addin in the addins section of the Trust center of Excel 2007).  With Excel 2007 - you need to check your security settings for addins too. The addin is not digitally signed and you need to change your setting s for this.

For 64 bit Operating systems (Vista x64 or 2008 X64).  This was resolved and the addin is running fine.  There is a bit more involved. From what I know, everyone that is running an x64 OS - had to at least manually register the DLL.  For me, it was messier and there was alot of praying to get it going.  On the x64 machine I got a lend of for testing - needed to disable UAC, reinstall the VB6 runtimes (as several files were missing on a new install), run the installer for the add-in with everything closed and then manually add the addin in (add as COM addin in the addins section of the Trust center of Excel 2007). Forum thread for this is here http://www.sqldrill.com/excel/showthread.php?t=838408&page;=2 if you are having a similar issue.  Thanks,Al


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